Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chicken Changes

There have been some exciting chicken changes around here. Some sad some happy. A couple posts below I introduced Pretty Boy, a beautiful rooster. Just a few days later he was killed, along with two hens, by a neighborhood dog. I think that dog is gone now and we have been fortifying our chicken yard since.

It's chick time at the feeds stores and we have stocked up! 4 Buff Orpingtons, 5 Plymouth Barred Rocks, and 8 Aueracanas. We're also venturing out into a rare breed, the Black Copper Marans. They are pricier. We bought a rooster and a pullet. Hopefully in late summer she will begin laying her dark chocolate brown eggs. After some practice... we'll get these two Marans together and see if they can make some babies!

We also found mixed-breed laying young hens for sale near our church for only $6 each. So far we bought 6 of them to help supplement our flock due to the dog attacks.

Jason has been researching chicken tractors and movable coops.

More photos and info later!

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