Monday, July 23, 2012

Produce and Jars

 Our mini orchard that we started 3 years ago is giving us a decent crop this year.
I'm so looking forward to next year! 

Peaches and Pluots available only this week
Organic Peaches  $1.50 per pound (about 5 medium sized peaches)
Organic Pluots $1.50 per pound (about 3 large pluots)
Organic Zucchini 50 cents per pound
Small bouquet of organic basil, sage, or snippet of rosemary 50 cents each
(the zucchini in the photo is LARGE so the fruit may appear smaller than it is)

I've been busy making jams and have 3 different kinds available. The strawberry has received rave reviews from family and friends. The plum and cherry have also gotten many compliments.

Organic plum jam $3
Cherry jam $4
Strawberry jam $3
Each jar is made from local fruit and is a half pint (8 ounces)

Today, Veronica helped feed our hens. Its always a party with her around. :)

Francesca picking cherries
                                              Our boys and friends pitting cherries for the jam                                              

Thompson seedless grapes
More peaches
Dill pickles
Spicy dill pickles
Brandied pears

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  1. Mmmm, everything looks so delicious! The girls seem so be having so much fun :)