Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Garden Update

From July 2009:

Here's some photos from our garden this week. The vertical gardening is going pretty well. I like how the veggies are kept off the dirt so they stay clean, mostly bug free, and are easily harvested.
Here is our pumpkin patch in the "triangle" garden area. I know I planted these too close together but I do every year. One year I will learn my lesson. maybe going back and reading my blog garden posts will help!
The cucumbers are the most abundant produce this year so far. These are the burp-less variety. I also have slicing cucumbers. One day this week I picked 9 cucumbers in one day. It seems about every 4 days or so I get a bunch.
Below is our mini-stand of corn with pole beans climbing the stalks. Jason read about this method in a book.
See the bean vine?
Black Beauty Eggplant. I made some eggplant parmesean last week for my first time.
Serrano chile peppers. These are the type of peppers Herdez uses, Jason's favorite jarred salsa. We just got a pressure cooker in the mail today so I will can our own version of Herdez.
Here was some sad news this week. A gopher got to my biggest watermelon plant. So sad... hopefully we smoked him out with a smoke bomb tossed in his tunnel. Here is a pic of the wilted plant. I thought perhaps the drip irrigation wasn't working properly in this square foot. But then I discovered the pile of dirt nearby and a hole.
Here's the watermelon that seemed to be doubling in size almost every day.
Some good melon news... the cantaloupe are doing great! Here are some fuzzy baby fruit...
Here's one quite a bit bigger...
And here's one almost ready for the picking! This is my first year with cantaloupe, watermelon, and cucumbers.
Fragrant sweet basil.
And lookey here... that is not a hose! I found this serpent this morning, just two feet away from me pulling weeds. Yikes! Any tips on how to deter snakes from a lush garden?
Look in the middle of this photo and you will see his slimy little head. Click on any photo to see it larger.

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