Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Got My Chicks!

From June 2009:

Jason delivered on my birthday present... I got some itty bitty chicks and some teenager chicks. Below are photos of the teeny ones... soon I will post photos of the girls currently in that "awkward stage"... they are a little camera shy.
Here are the babes... 4 Rhode Island Reds and 5 Plymouth Barred Rocks.
They're chilling out on Zack's bed... looks kind of spacey in there, a little out of their element.
The one on the left is "Vince". There is also a Barred Rock named Vincenzo,
and two B.R.'s named after Zachary.
Not sure if this is Vincenzo or one of the Zachary's or a poor little no-name.
Vince visiting the city.
Vincent hasn't been this excited since we got the wii!
His God-parents suggested looking into 4-H. I think that's a good idea.

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